East End Wine Row is an association of Camel Valley tasting rooms located at the east end of the Village on Carmel Valley Road. Comprising seven unique tasting rooms, the East End Wine Row is not overly crowded and provides a warm, personal interaction with tasting hosts and winemakers. Carmel Valley is one of the seven appellations in Monterey County’s diverse wine country and is perhaps the most distinct. Nestled into the towering Santa Lucia Range, Carmel Valley geographically defies daytime zephyrs and fogs, yielding the warm summer and fall days and cool nights that are especially favorable to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other red varietals. Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel also perform exceptionally well in Carmel Valley. Location: East End Wine Row is 11.5 miles east of Highway 1 in Carmel Valley Village. East End Wine Row comprises the following tasting rooms: Chesebro Wines, Cima Collina, Dawn’s Dream Winery, Holman Ranch, Joyce Vineyards and Parsonage Family Winery. Sip wine, enjoy the Carmel Valley sunshine and savor everything East End Wine Row has to offer.

Chesebro logocima collina bw logo  Parsonage only LOGO  Joyce logoholman_ranch_logo_2c_lgDawn's Dream Winery Logo



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